Three Rivers Ranch

Three Rivers Ranch is much more than just a private residential estate. It is also a refuge and a sanctuary. The property is surrounded by the Boise River on three sides. Island Creek runs through the property itself; the waters of which Ron, in partnership with Trout Unlimited, rehabilitated from the muck and noxious weeds of neglect and mismanagement prior to his stewardship of the land. Three Rivers Ranch is extraordinary in every way, but what makes it unique is its permanence. The rest of the property is held in perpetuity as a conservation easement held by the Land Trust of the Treasure Valley. The larger of two lakes is 35- to 60-feet deep and spans 100 acres and stocked with rainbow trout and other species of fish. The smaller lake covers 40 acres and is also stocked with a variety of fish.

“We took 240 acres of a mismanaged property that was harming the rivers and environment around it and turned it into a partnership with nature. As more and more farms turn into neighborhoods, this property will become even more unique.” – Ron Sali

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