Aggregate Mining

084-IMG_1280Ron understands the dynamics that make sand and gravel mining make sense for the business, social, and natural worlds. Ron began his work in the field decades ago after seeing the continual need for sand and gravel. As a sand and gravel contractor, as well as a property developer with an environmental point of view, Ron knows the hydrology, grade and ground to utilize for later lakes, streams, wetland banking, sandy beaches, waterfront lots and other natural fits.

Sand and gravel are two of the main ingredients of our community infrastructure. Many of the areas, roads, and highways contain gravel taken from Ron’s properties, but a quarry can be almost as unpopular as a landfill site, and public opposition can be just as intense. When it comes to a mine operated by Ron, its neighbors couldn’t be happier; he is raising neighbors’ property values, significantly reducing harmful pollutants to the Boise River with his efforts by turning farmland with harmful waste runoff into truly unique home estates.


The dig, strip, and abandon philosophy of gravel mining was not part of his development plan. Whereas most in the industry see choosing between gravel and home development as mutually exclusive, He literally developed the property “from the underground” up, starting with the extraction of necessary gravel and finishing with the most beautiful river and private lakefront property in the valley.

005-swans - lakeAll of Ron’s developments have a emphasis on the protection or enhancement of nature. A large part of Three Rivers is has been placed under a conservation easement, ensuring that it will remain protected from future commercial development in perpetuity. Gravel mining for him isn’t just about the money. It’s about creating the perfect habitat for humans and nature to interact, something he took into consideration through all mining and development steps. These man-made habitats are every bit as beautiful and natural as anywhere else in the country, truly one of a kind.


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